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the path from victim to conscious creator and master of your reality


This seminar follows the performance of the piece "HUMAiN".

It offers the opportunity to deepen the subjects touched upon,

as well as to acquire tools and techniques that help to apply them in daily life.

Through meditations and visualizations, individual and group exercises,

you can learn :

How limiting belief patterns prevent you from fulfilling your desires

and how you can break out of this cycle

How you can order everything in life and become the creator of your reality

To remember who you truly are

How to unleash your full potential

How to control and direct your thoughts and feelings


This seminar is for you if you...

...are not satisfied with your life

...have the feeling that there is more to experience in life

   than you are currently doing


...experience the same (unpleasant) things over and over again experience limitations ( not enough...) want to begin to discover your purpose in life feel a longing for more meaning and joy in life want to learn how to manifest anything in life

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Weekend workshop

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