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Healer, therapist, artist, father, man, visionary, guide, teacher, nomad, clown.

I can fit into many boxes, but not really into any.

I study human condition.
This study leads me through deep valleys and to high peaks through the colourful landscape of life.
It remains to be seen whether one day I will  become a master in this art.

My passion is human life and everything that comes with it.

I try to understand it, grasp it, experience it and explore it through my own being.

My activity revolves mainly around this subject.

Both around the tragedy and pain as well as the beauty and depth.
As much in the artistic forms of expression as in my seminars and individual offerings.

I want to remind myself and others of who we really are.
Because I believe that every person is unique and wonderful and that they are called to express that uniqueness in the most appropriate way.

Like a small piece of the big puzzle whose pieces are all unique and which is only complete when all the pieces are assembled....

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