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      2 min about my individual sessions


The frame of an individual session:
Over the course of about 1 hour we look at where you are, where you want to go and ease the way there.

In a safe container, we fluidly move between conversation and energy work, leaving space for what emerges.
This experience is tailor-made to your current situation.


What enables me to do this work:

Since childhood I am very sensitive to people and their energies.
I graduated from a four-year diploma study - holistic psychology, energy healing and personal transformation-  at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing/ FL (
I have enriched this solid foundation by attending various seminars and meeting international healers, energy practitioners and therapists.
For ten years I worked with people with physical, mental, emotional and relational issues in my private practice.

Today, I have developed my own method from the different techniques and systems I have learned, which enables my clients to achieve the results they want for their lives.

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